Two factors to consider when buying indoor blinds for your premises

30 July 2021
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Here are two factors to consider when shopping for indoor blinds for your premises.

How much light you need to block out during business hours

You'll need to consider the amount of natural light you need the blinds to block out during your enterprise's business hours. For example, if you are a massage therapist, and you like to make your therapy rooms as relaxing as possible by illuminating them only with candles, then you might want to get roller blinds, rather than Venetian ones, as even when the latter is fully closed, slivers of sunlight can still get through the small gaps between the slats and brighten up the room. Whilst this is not a bad thing, it might make them unsuitable for your premises. In contrast, when a blackout roller blind is pulled down, it should block out almost all of the sunlight, provided its dimensions match those of the window recess.

Conversely, if you run an office, you might not ever want the blinds you put up to completely block out the sunlight, but your employees who sit by the windows might need some blinds that will provide a bit of shade so they don't get any glare on their computer screens. In these circumstances, Venetian blinds would be perfect, as your employees can shift the position of the slats to create their desired level of light and shade.

How dirty the blinds are likely to get

You'll also need to think about how dirty the blinds are likely to get on your premises. For example, if you run a fast-food restaurant, the blinds on the windows will probably get coated in steam, grease and odours on a regular basis. In this situation, putting up fabric blinds of any kind would be inadvisable, as it would be difficult to remove the grease and smells, as they would get trapped in the fabric fibres. In this situation, PVC or aluminium Venetian blinds would be better, as they won't absorb odours, and you'll be able to remove grease stains by wiping them with some soap and a wet cloth.

If, however, you run a business where the only form of dirt you need to deal with is dust (for example, if you run a counselling practice), then a fabric roller blind could work well, as you can use a handheld vacuum to remove any dust that builds up on the blind without having to take it down.

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