How Your Business Can Use Shipping Containers As Modular Offices

17 May 2022
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Most businesses experience the challenge of inadequate office space. This leaves their premises cramped, creating an unconducive working environment. Shipping containers are an instant solution for businesses that need additional offices. The containers can be fabricated into modular offices, offering a practical and highly-functional working space. Suppose you want to take advantage of modular offices; below are several things you should know. 

What are The Benefits of Modular Offices? 

Modular offices save you the hassle of relocating your office when you bring in a new team. In some cases, the need for additional space could be temporary. For instance, suppose you have a project that needs you to hold regular meetings or bring in a temporary crew to help you deal with high-season demands. A modular office allows you to enjoy centralised operations without moving the office. When you no longer need the modular office, you can sell it or hire it to another business to grow your company's income streams. 

Conduct Preliminary Assessments

If you intend to use a modular office, you need to conduct a viability assessment. For example, select a suitable location to place the office. Ideally, the area should have a firm platform and should be accessible to the crane truck that will deliver the modular office. You also need to assess the lease contract and local council regulations to establish whether you are allowed to place a modular office on the premises. 

Choosing a Suitable Shipping Container

These tips should help you choose a suitable shipping container to fabricate; 

  • How long do you need the container? If you intend to use the container for extended periods, go for the highest shipping container grade. Containers sold as wind and watertight could develop structural defects during fabrication or leakages after a few months.
  • The shipping container size should be appropriate for the area you intend to place it.
  • Preferably, go for containers with a functional climate control unit. After all, you want the office to be well-aerated.
  • Consult several dealers to ensure you get the best deal on the shipping container. 

Shipping Container Fabrication 

Ideally, the container should be fabricated to suit your current and future needs. For example, how many partitions do you need? An open office plan allows you to accommodate many employees. However, you could have several rooms if different departments will use the container or if part of the container is to be used as a storage space. Ask the fabricator to install windows and skylights to ensure sufficient flow of natural light. Besides, they should install electrical connections to run the AC unit, lights, and computers inside the container. Finally, repaint the container to your brand colours. 

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