Reasons to Gravitate Towards Commercial Roller Doors for Your New Business Premises

9 November 2020
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While you have to bear a broad range of responsibilities as a business owner, security is one obligation that undoubtedly ranks among the highest. It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone on-site, from employees to customers, are safe and that all your valuables, ranging from office equipment to money, are safeguarded too. But even with the vast selection of new-age security systems outfitted with the latest equipment, the first line of defence for any property is the doors.

Therefore, even with the wide array of options available to you, you need to put in a considerable amount of thought when selecting doors for your commercial premises or you could end up contending with significant losses due to vandalism, theft and so on. One type of door that remains a staple in industrial and commercial premises alike is roller doors. Here are a couple of reasons why you should gravitate towards commercial roller doors for your new business premises.

Return on investment

While security is a major concern for a majority of business owners, it, arguably, comes second to maintaining a profitable bottom line. Most business owners will make a purchase decision based on how much capital will be required and if the investment threatens to inflate their current operational costs, but some will overlook the purchase altogether. However, this should not be the case when deliberating on the installation of commercial roller doors.

Admittedly, these doors do not come cheap. Nonetheless, you need to consider the different ways that they will provide you with value for money, leading to considerable savings. First, insulated commercial roller doors help maintain comfortable temperatures indoors, which minimises reliance on your commercial HVAC system. Second, the enhanced protection of your expensive valuables decreases the risk of undue replacement costs, which also helps with cost savings.

Fire resistance

If your business is located in a part of Australia that is susceptible to bush-fires, fire protection will be a crucial element in running your business successfully. While there is an abundance of options, you should know that the fire rating varies from one type of door to the next. So to ensure that you are making the most of your investment, it is best to opt for the highest level of fire resistance and this is offered by steel roller doors.

Unlike other commercial doors, the steel roller variety can keep flames at bay for several hours on end, depending on the specification of the particular doors you purchase. Thus, these fire-rated doors provide you with sufficient time to evacuate the premises and potentially salvage some equipment, sensitive data, documents and so on.

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