Are You Planning to Lay a New Lawn?

25 June 2020
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When you want to lay a lawn on your property then there will be several factors that you need to balance. In particular, you will want a lawn that is good value for your money, that is easy to maintain under normal usage and that will grow well in your local climate. Balancing these considerations is rarely easy and making the wrong choice could be disastrous so it makes sense to talk with your turf supplier and ask for their advice before you make your final decision. One option which they may well direct you towards is a variety of buffalo turf. Buffalo turf has been created specifically to thrive in harsh Australian conditions. Here are three reasons that buffalo turf may be the right choice for your lawn.

Buffalo turf looks good throughout the year

Australia is famous for long hot summers and cold, icy winters. If you lay turf, it will need to be able to survive whatever the weather may be. Some types of turf may appear dead in the summer months and suffer further in the winter. One of the key advantages possessed by buffalo turf is that it possesses deep roots that enable it to find moisture in all but the driest conditions.

Buffalo turf can be soft underfoot

When choosing your turf, it is always a good idea to discuss your precise requirements with your supplier, and if you can, you should try to see what the laid turf looks and feels like before you buy it. A lawn isn't just something to look at since you will probably spend time walking on it, laying on it or simply playing with the children on it. Look for a variety such as Sapphire buffalo turf which is soft for children and pets to walk on and not spiky as some grass varieties can be.

Buffalo turf can survive regular use

Some types of grass can quickly begin to die off if they regularly have people walking on them. Most types of buffalo turf are resilient enough to survive normal family usage throughout the year. If your lawn does happen to become damaged or start to dry out, then the 'quick recovery' nature of buffalo grass means that it should need very little help from you to recover and start looking its best once again.

Speak to a buffalo turf supplier in your area today to learn more.