Why Buying Fire Safety Equipment Is Not The End Of Your Fire Responsibility

30 March 2020
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Fires are a big problem all around Australia virtually year-round. Dry conditions mixed with a lot of highly flammable trees (eucalyptus) and dry brush growth create the perfect scenario for fires to naturally occur. In addition to natural fires, it is not uncommon for electrical, cooking or industrial fires to occur in commercial and residential buildings, which is why fire equipment is very present in nearly every building. From all the different categories of fire extinguishers to wet or dry sprinkler systems there are dozens of different components you can have as part of your fire protection plan. However, owning the proper equipment is one thing, but ensuring that your fire equipment is maintained well is quite another. 

Fire Equipment Maintenance 

No piece of fire equipment will last forever and some have a shorter shelf life than you might expect. The last thing you want to happen is to be prepared for a fire but find out in the heat of the moment that your extinguishers expired two years ago. That is why fire equipment maintenance services are so vital in ensuring you meet a basic level of preparedness when it comes to the condition of your fire equipment. They will check all your individual components (extinguishers, blankets, first aid kits, etc) as well as any overarching systems you have put in place like fire safety doors or sprinkler systems. Only by having a professional guarantee your fire equipment is working can you safely return to your regular routine.

Not Suggested, Required

Fire equipment maintenance is not optional: every business must undergo regular servicing to comply with Australian safety standards. That is why you have to find an accredited fire equipment service that can provide you with a certificate of compliance at the end of their inspection. This should be done on, at most, a semi-annual basis. Different states have different regulations so always make sure to check whether you are within your last service period. 

Service Reminders

For most companies the issue of getting fire equipment maintenance is not one of disobedience but rather forgetfulness. After all, unless you need your fire safety equipment or systems, you can easily forget they are even there. Many fire equipment maintenance companies will offer a reminder when your service is getting close, much like a mechanic would for your car's service. After a few services, you begin to remember the routine and will notice if something changes (i.e. your fire equipment maintenance service stops operating in your area) and can make adjustments accordingly.