Key Customisable Parts on a Line-Marking Machine

18 November 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


With the Australian government investing millions of dollars in road development over the next ten years, line-marking companies should buckle up for stiff competition as more players aim for a piece of the pie. If you have recently opened your line-marking business and are now shopping for a line-marking machine, you must get one whose parts can easily be customised. Unfortunately, this is something most businesses fail to do, and they end up buying a machine that restricts them to certain projects. Most importantly, ensure that the following parts are customisable when purchasing a line-marking machine.  

Paint Tank

One of the crucial parts of a line-marking machine is the paint tank since it holds all the paint you need to complete a marking project. However, different projects vary in magnitude. As such, it would make little sense to buy a line-marking machine with 100kg capacity if you are going to work on a parking lot project. Notably, big paint tanks will likely lead wastage in small projects. Therefore, it is critical to buy a line-marking machine from a vendor that offers paint tank customisation. Simply specify how big you want the tank to be depending on the size of the projects you expect to get. It will ensure that you get value for money because you will be buying a machine that satisfies your specific needs.  

Die Shoe

Another part that might need customising is the die shoe. The part dispenses paint to the tarmac, and its size depends on how big or small you want the markings. The reason is that markings vary in size, and other projects might require double lines. As such, line-marking businesses should not rely on a die shoe of a specific size because of the restrictions on the bidding of projects. An excellent line-marking machine should easily accept different-sized die shoes for various projects. For instance, you can order several customised die shoes ranging from 50mm to 300mm. These are enough sine you to tackle the requirements of different line-marking projects.    

Glass Bead Tank

Glass beads are commonly used in critical line-marking projects where visibility is of utmost importance. As motorists use the road at night, their headlights hit the glass beads on the road, thus reflecting the light to the driver. Since glass beads are don't come cheap, it is essential to control how you use them, and that is why customising the glass bead tank is crucial. The tilting bottom can be customised to dispense the glass beads efficiently, thereby saving you substantial costs.