Tips to Making the Most of a Custom Designed Engagement Ring

28 February 2018
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If you want to make your proposal as unique as possible, it is likely you are deliberating on having a custom-designed engagement ring for your partner. These rings are much more personal than selecting a ready-made ring, as it would be difficult to find someone else wearing the same design. Moreover, you get the chance to incorporate elements that would be uniquely linked to your relationship, such as a favourite gemstone, a nod to a historical style you prefer or anything else you can think of. Nonetheless, curating a customised engagement ring can be more challenging than just picking a readymade option. Below are tips that could help you in making the most of a custom designed engagement ring.

Tip 1: Consider the style that you prefer

Before you begin the process of having a customised engagement ring designed for your spouse, you need to have a basic idea of what style is most preferred by your partner. So what are some of the style considerations that you should factor? Firstly, determine what precious metal the ring should be made from. Gold may be a staple choice, but metals such as platinum, silver and white gold are increasingly becoming a preferred option for people who want something that is out of the ordinary. Additionally, platinum is even stronger than gold, which makes it ideal regarding scratch resistance and longevity.

Secondly, when contemplating the style of the ring, you need to whittle down your gemstone options based on what stone you would want for the ring plus your preferred cut. If you're going to veer from the classic diamond, you could consider a round-cut sapphire or perhaps square-cut tanzanite that will stand out.

Tip 2: Consider the design of the wedding band

An often-overlooked aspect of choosing an engagement ring is that people tend to wear them together with their wedding band. Therefore, it is best to factor in the design of the wedding band so that you can make sure your partner has the flexibility of choosing whether they want to wear the rings collectively on one finger or not.

Most custom jewellers can help you with this by crafting the entire set of wedding bands that your spouse will wear. This approach is ideal as the engagement band can be fashioned to fit in the middle of the wedding band, which highlights the gemstone that is on display. Moreover, having the same jeweller custom your rings gives you the creative license to curate uniquely matching wedding rings for both you and your spouse.