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Three Essential Tips for Specifying Transportable Switchrooms

Durable and resilient switchrooms are essential for industrial operations in the manufacturing, mining and power management sectors. In general, these structures are essential for protecting the electrical switchgear and other machines from the harsh environment during industrial operations. Moreover, the switchrooms allow for the efficient management of electrical equipment like transformers, ensuring smooth maintenance, repair and performance. If you are planning on purchasing a new switchroom for your projects, you should think about choosing a transportable structure. Transportable rooms will ensure cost-efficiency and convenience if you frequently move from one worksite to another. Here are some essential tips to help you specify an ideal transportable switchroom.

Choose Modular Construction

You should look for a modular switchroom if you are interested in a transportable structure for your industrial operation. In simple terms, the switchroom should be manufactured in modules instead of a complete unit. The modules are often in the form of flat panels and other compact pieces. Therefore, they can be packed into a truck with ease and moved. The units can then be combined at the worksite for an operational switchroom. Once the project is completed, you can have the structure disassembled. Complete switchrooms are also transportable. However, the process will require special transportation equipment, increasing your expenses.

Check the Seismic Rating

You should specify the structural strength that you would like your switchroom to have when ordering your electrical equipment setup. Structural resilience is critical for switchrooms because most of the environments in which they will be used are rough. In general, you should inquire about the possibility of getting a seismic-rated room from your manufacturer. This property will be beneficial in protection your switchgear if there are earthquakes due to mining operations or natural happenings. You should also look for a structure with exceptional wind resistance to prevent breakdown due to high-stress wind.

Look for Fire Protection

Finally, you should specify an electrical switchroom with fire protection measures in place. This aspect is critical for this structure because the room will be used for housing high power equipment. If a fire does break out due to the malfunction of the electrical switchgear, your switchroom should be able to prevent losses and escalation. Ideally, the switchroom should have a fire detection system which can consist of units such as temperature sensors and smoke detectors. There should also be a suppression setup such as an oxygen reduction or gaseous suppression system. Additionally, you should consider having fire-rated structural panels to exclude fire in case a major accident occurs.

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