Three line marking tips to help you have an easy time with the process

12 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


Line marking is the most crucial safety function for the roads. When the marking is done properly, it provides accurate and continuous information to users of the road and helps them carry out tasks such as following the right lanes, positioning their vehicles properly and many others. To achieve these functions, line marking should be done by professionals, and the materials used in the process should also be of superior quality. The following specific tips and guidelines can help anyone doing line marking to achieve the best results. 

Surface preparation for great marking results

The quality and durability of the line markings which you will make on your roads will depend on among other things, the condition of the surface which you draw on. For the best marking results, the road should be clean and dry during the time of application. It is advisable to avoid applying line markings on freshly installed bitumen when the paint you are using is solvent based. New bitumen reacts with solvent road marking paint. However, if you are using water-based marking paint, you can mark on bitumen one day after it has been laid.

Safety considerations when doing line marking

When doing road marking, you have to make sure that you use products that have been approved for use in pedestrian zones such as pedestrian areas. When making direction line markings, make sure that any marking which is more than 200mm in width contains anti-slip grit and additives from reflective glass beads. These safety precautions will protect al road users from mishaps related to the state of the road marking paint.

Ensuring the line markings you have made is durable

Choose the appropriate type of markings for each part of the road. The best line marking for roads which are heavily used are preform thermoplastic markings. The line markings are created beforehand and then laid out on the road. They are applied to the road using a blowtorch. Their main advantage is that they will last up to five times longer than the regular paint, making them perfect for heavy traffic zones.

These are just a few tips that can help you get great results with road marking. The important thing to remember is that the process starts with good marking appliances and tools. Understanding the process of road marking, and using it appropriately also improves the quality of your results. Have experienced people in your team and always consult before starting a job if you want excellent results.