Have You Grasped the Power of T-Shirts?

1 September 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


Are you looking for a new way to promote your business or event? Perhaps you have tried billboards, newspaper adverts, and flyers but are looking for something with more long-lasting impact? Working with a T-shirt screenprinting company will allow you to expand the reach of your message and reach many people in an extremely cost-effective way. There are at least three reasons that T-shirt screenprinting can work for your company.

1. Say everything that you want to say

When you print your advertisement in the newspaper or book a twenty-five-second commercial at the cinema or on the radio you are limited in what you can say. Often people will only focus on a few seconds of what is said and your message is frequently lost. With T-shirt screenprinting, you can put your message somewhere that is likely to be in view for a much longer period of time, giving people plenty of time to absorb the message.

2. Reach more people

While the increased exposure is helpful perhaps the best part of using T-shirts to spread your message is that people rarely perceive them as advertising so their message is often deemed more trustworthy than many other methods. When you place advertisements in the press, people frequently don't even glance at them unless they are looking for a particular product or service. If they do see the advert, it often fails to make any impact at all. With T-shirt screenprinting, your message is carried into many places that it otherwise would not reach.

Putting your information on a T-shirt allows your message to be read by thousands who may never have even thought about connecting with you, but who could now be intrigued enough to find out more. If you invest in good quality shirts then you could see these benefits lasting for years as people continue to wear your T-shirts long into the future when the effect of any other type of campaign would have long faded away.

3. Encourage positivity

How will you distribute your T-shirts? Will they be sold as mementos of an event? Will they be awards for your employees or reminders of some achievement that people want to commemorate? When people see your T-shirts, let them be reminded of some positive experience they have enjoyed. With T-shirt screenprinting, you have an opportunity to build positive associations for your brand that will cement long-term customer loyalty.